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We make hollow wood Stand Up paddleboards and wooden paddles.
Each VINTIGO board is a unique one of a kind hand crafted piece.
Discover our stunning wood constructed SUP boards! !
It will get you noticed every time you are on the water.

Designed and handcrafted by skilled shapers

Wood is far more stronger material than other used for paddleboard making. The boards are designed and handcrafted by experienced shapers, have timeless style and are made to last forever if properly cared for. Our wooden boards are not easily to damage, but if something happens can simply be repaired by a handy-person. The internal frame is aircraft like construction without the use of EPS foam. Extra strong, solid side rails protect board against dents or cracks. Central stringer and ribs ensures stiffness and good support to deck and bottom multilayered wood panels. After years of hard testing our prototype boards still looks as good as it did when first touched the water.

Build in the workshop not a factory

Our passion and commitment result in creating paddle boards that not only looks great but glides well and can be used in a variety of conditions. Vintigo boards have easy control of balance and maneuverability. We have learned that while SUP boards come in many shape and sizes, there are really only a few unique designs, so we offer those in a variety of wood species and finish. Lightweight is important but we never struggled to build the lightest board possible. Creating Vintigo boards we always look at their best buoyancy and stability. Each board takes about 60 working hours to build and completely finish.


The most important features:


Making the wooden paddleboards is more environmentally friendly, then production of foam core or inflatable PVC boards. We don’t use EPS, XPS or harmful polyester resins and solvent varnishes.


There are no two alike boards made. We carefully select the wood species regarding weight, natural strength, color, grain patterns and layout. We can customize your board using tropical species or other graphics you choose.


Cold-molded techniques laminate together layers of very thin wood sheets or straps creating lightweight but strong rigid construction. Glassing it over with a epoxy resin and glass fabric ensures water tightness and resistance to mechanical damage.


Each VINTIGO paddleboard is unique one of a kind, it will get you noticed every time you're on the water. They are really eye catching with a beautiful layout of wood on the deck and bottom. It not only looks great but performs well!


Our wooden boat building experience helped us a lot to create fine Vintigo paddleboards.. All projects start from the scratch, using a professional software. Having a right project we use CNC machines to carve the detailed frame elements with exceptional accuracy. From this point, all the rest job is done using manual tools only.
We use mainly plantation Paulownia wood and Western Red Cedar. Paulownia wood is fast growing, comes from sustainable and almost 100% organic plantations. Is light in color and its appearance closely resembles the American Ash. Paulownia and Western Red Cedar are light in weight and straight grained, have high flexibility and strength in proportion to weight. Both species are very suitable for building paddleboards. Most of our 11'6" paddleboards weights only 15-17 kg, depends on its construction and wooden species.

Own projects
Dobór materiałów
Own hardware
Ręczne wykonanie

Using the best materials


Egzotyczne gatunki drewna
Sustainably harvested wood
Naturalny korek
Natural cork deck pad
Nowoczesne kompozyty
Modern composites
Bezpieczne lakiery
Low emission epoxy resins and VOC free varnishes.

Our offer

Discover our paddleboards Runa, Camp, Tiga and Natur


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The largest of Vintigo boards, designed for longer expeditions to enjoy the outdoors paddling on lakes and rivers with moderate whitewaters. Is big enough and has enough volume to carry all your camping gear and yourself effectively. The board is wide and very stable, comfortable to use, glides incredibly well.


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The paddle board NATUR is an all-around board that can be used by almost anyone and is designed primarily for recreation. Its construction and shape combined best fit this board for short to midrange distance paddling. It will definitely work well as an all-around board as the board is wide and extremely stable. This is very comfortable paddling board on flat water, maybe to play around with your family and have kids on the board or some extra gear for the expedition.


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The Runa paddleboard is incredibly versatile, great for touring, racing and all around family fun. Is really eye catching with a beautiful layout of wood on the deck and bottom. The board is constructed entirely out of selected Western Red Cedar and Canadian Maple. Extra strong, solid side rails protects board against dents and cracks in case of collision with a sharp or hard object. The internal frame is aircraft like construction made of wood composites. Massive stringer and ribs ensure stiffness and good support to deck and bottom planks.


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If you’re looking for a stable touring board to paddle mid to long range distances then the TIGA is the best choice. Board is suited for intermediate skilled paddlers. It has really nice premium looks featuring beautiful Bubinga waterfall and Western Red Cedar wood finish with a great game of colors. The board doesn’t have many add-ons but the look and glide of the board are excellent. Mostly used by advanced paddlers as it was designed for both recreation and competition.

VINTIGO wooden paddle

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Premium paddle for all kind of SUP boards. Very lightweight 720 g (oz. 25,4), let you paddle more accurately and efficiently. Selected Western Red Cedar wood and springy Canadian Maple gives propelling snap at the end of each harder stroke. Varnished to protect the wood and get beautiful luster finish. African Ironwood tip for durability. Grip not glued to the shaft gives possibility to shorten shaft to your hight.



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